martes, 27 de junio de 2017


Today we went on a day trip to several nearby villages.
The first one was Robin Hood’s Bay, a picturesque little village which Robin Hood sometimes used to escape from the "police". In the past, the citizens used the narrow streets and secret passages to smuggle all kinds of goods, but mainly salt, tobacco and alcohol.



Then we went on to Whitby, a town only an hour away from Scarborough, famous for having the best Fish’n Chips in England. We saw the ruins of the Abbey, saw the graveyard where Dracula is said to be buried, and then had some free time to stroll around town and have something to eat.

Some people even had time to go on a boat trip with pirates!
After that, we drove through the North Yorkshire Moors and stopped quickly at Goathland Railway Station, which is actually Hogsmeade station (one of the Hogwarts Express stops in the Harry Potter films)

Finally, we tried some delicious ice cream at Thorton-le-Dale, another beautiful village with one of the most photographed houses in England: a Thatched Cottage.



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