martes, 27 de junio de 2017


In this blog we will write about our experience in Anglolang School of English, in Scarborough.
A group of 48 students from El Palmeral and Jaroso Secondary Schools are travelling to this beautiful town on the North-Eastern coast of England for 10 days (15th-24th June), accompanied by 4 teachers (Carlos Juárez, Eugenia Montalbán, Carmen Ramos and Laly Pérez)


We left Vera at 3:35 am. Some sleepy students had a hard time to wake up, and almost missed the bus, but luckily they made it in the last minute (right, Nico?!) After picking up the Jaroso team in Cuevas, we made our way to Alicante Airport.
The excitement about starting this trip did not allow most of the students to get any sleep, so they spent the whole journey chatting and getting to know each other.

We arrived in Scarborough at 12:45, and the bus dropped us off at Anglolang School, where most of our host families were already waiting for us.

We took a group picture with our purple T-shirts (especially designed by Laly –Tech Teacher) and then most of us went home to rest for a couple of hours before dinner time.



DAY 2. FRIDAY 16th

In the morning, the students were divided into three groups, according to their level of English, and they had lessons from 9:00 to 13:00 h, with a couple of breaks to have a snack.

In the afternoon we went on a Town Tour around Scarborough.
 Mick (our guide) told us very interesting stories about people who lived here, and we learnt a lot about the origin and history of this town, while we enjoyed some spectacular views of the bay from Oliver’s Mount.

In the evening, we went down to the beach to do some exercise: beach volley, football, Frisbee throwing, dancing. It was good fun!





Today we went on a day trip to several nearby villages.
The first one was Robin Hood’s Bay, a picturesque little village which Robin Hood sometimes used to escape from the "police". In the past, the citizens used the narrow streets and secret passages to smuggle all kinds of goods, but mainly salt, tobacco and alcohol.



Then we went on to Whitby, a town only an hour away from Scarborough, famous for having the best Fish’n Chips in England. We saw the ruins of the Abbey, saw the graveyard where Dracula is said to be buried, and then had some free time to stroll around town and have something to eat.

Some people even had time to go on a boat trip with pirates!
After that, we drove through the North Yorkshire Moors and stopped quickly at Goathland Railway Station, which is actually Hogsmeade station (one of the Hogwarts Express stops in the Harry Potter films)

Finally, we tried some delicious ice cream at Thorton-le-Dale, another beautiful village with one of the most photographed houses in England: a Thatched Cottage.



DAY 4. SUNDAY 18th

Today was Family Day, so everyone spent some time at home and then went out to do some shopping or just hang out with their friends.
The teachers made the most of the warm, sunny weather to go for a cliff walk in Filey, a village not far from here.