martes, 27 de junio de 2017


We left Vera at 3:35 am. Some sleepy students had a hard time to wake up, and almost missed the bus, but luckily they made it in the last minute (right, Nico?!) After picking up the Jaroso team in Cuevas, we made our way to Alicante Airport.
The excitement about starting this trip did not allow most of the students to get any sleep, so they spent the whole journey chatting and getting to know each other.

We arrived in Scarborough at 12:45, and the bus dropped us off at Anglolang School, where most of our host families were already waiting for us.

We took a group picture with our purple T-shirts (especially designed by Laly –Tech Teacher) and then most of us went home to rest for a couple of hours before dinner time.



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